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  1. Laura and Lucie
    Thank you thank you thank you
    Listening to Wild is the Wind while I write
    (which is maybe a mistake as I am weeping, but there it is)
    The last half dozen posts have been heartbreaking and yet lovely
    The tears, the joy, the tenderness. Saskia! Thank you
    I worried so when Laura first checked into the hospital
    When you were at the mercy of an indifferent staff
    I love that Maggie the therapy dog has come to visit – and hope she comes back soon. That, and the (non-hospital issue) wool throw tell me that you are in the very best of hands and where you need to be. Thankfully also you are now getting the attentiveness needed for dosages and medications – things change so fast.
    I suppose I can relate bc I was once in the hospital for an extended stay, and chose to take advantage of all the (this was California) alternative therapies on offer. Getting a reflexology massage every day certainly made the stay easier but truly the most joyous moment was one day when a giant harp was wheeled into the room and I was treated to 20 minutes of diatonic Scottish and Irish tunes (my choice) – the sheer melancholy of the music combined with the utter and unexpected joy of the experience had me weeping rivers of tears, all while smiling like an idiot.
    With great tenderness and love.
    In grace and peace, as heartbreaking as this is


    1. colette says:

      yeah, what Jenny said ^^^. you are healing all of us with the generosity of your sharing. xxoo


  2. Stephen Moore says:

    I know she would love to see Rogan and Yves.

    From Stephen and Arianna,
    we send our love!!!!


  3. elaine souda says:

    such a beautiful moment. thank you for sharing that. Maggie and Laura really are mates. xxx


  4. Maaar says:

    Hi Laura: Pet therapy is so great…..they don’t take much of your energy away, but give you their silent, sweet, sometimes mushy wet kisses and cold noses. They just want to be petted and loved, like we all do! Hey good thing Helen isn’t around…she might haul a dozen or so of her cats up there to see you. Love Maaaar


  5. Jo Ann Haun says:

    Dear sweet Laura and dear spicy wild and wonderful Laura…I’m wrapping you in a big pink blanket of love and peace from the west coast. Sending you soft mist to touch you skin, gentle sun to warm your hair, quiet laughter to jiggle your heart. Sweet love to you, sister.



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