Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss S

Little Miss Sunshine is one of our favorite movies. ‘It is just one silly thing after another,’ as Laura describes it. Of course, Laura is the queen of silliness.  As tired and weak as she now is, she still manages to tease the doctors.  She has been matchmaking for the very handsome and charming Dr Postow and has been encouraging him to loosen up his work attire.  When he arrived yesterday without a tie on, she egged him on to unbutton his shirt a little more.  They bonded last week over their love of wearing shorts. Laura can take the shorts thing a little far. When we first visited Europe together, I suggested she might like to pack something fancy for going out to posh restaurants.  As a culture journalist (, I do a lot of writing about top chefs.  Laura said not to worry, “I have my shorts.  I can wear them anywhere.”

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  1. Maaar says:

    Our Little Miss Sunshine seems to certainly be shining her light in the midst of darkness. Hooray!!!!! Please give that doctor my cell phone number. My mother always wanted me to marry a doctor and I trust Laura’s taste in men!! He must be a real “cutie”. xoxo Maaar


  2. Orin says:

    Leave it to Laura to charm everyone she meets in the hospital, even flirting with the doctors. Now they will love her, too. Since I have seen her in action on hundreds ( maybe thousands) of jobs, I should not be surprised. Just as long as they do not ask for ice cream. ( Laura can explain that one.) Thank you, Lucie, for this report. You two are the Dream Team.


  3. Any chance to see a photo of Laura as a child? to see that inveterate spirit, unbridled? Early days?!?

    Lucie, stay close (can you get a cot? but also take breaks to stay present?) For both of you, I’m sending a segment of an interview with Dennis Potter several months before his own death, in which he describes, seeing for the last time, the blossomest blossoms outside his window. It’s quite touching, not least because there is candor and humor, and a few barbs, but mostly moments of real humanity.

    For yourselves I cannot imagine anything crueler – in that your young love has no chance to grow old, and that’s not fair. But what you have had and have now is each other – very much in the moment – in love.

    and then, something that you’ll appreciate as a journalist, Lucie, is Melvyn Bragg’s recollection of that same interview:

    with much love, Jenny


  4. Véronique says:

    Un sosie de Cécile de France?
    Dans un récent film français de Cédric Klapish, Cécile de France joue le rôle d’une fille gay qui vit à Neww York et qui passe sa vie en short. Cédric Klapish aurait-il croisé Laura dans New YorK?
    Je vous mets le lien: elle est plutôt sexy!

    Bises à toutes les deux


  5. Jamie says:

    Dig it. I am picturing the two of you at a fine dinner restaurant in Europe with Laura in shorts and the two of you laughing and charming everyone. Sounds like Laura is keeping the staff entertained and charmed. xoxoxjamie


  6. Bianca says:

    Laura, you are on my mind so much in these days and what’s so wonderful is that our little community at Joe and Gay Street and WhyNot is feeling the same. People will stop me on Gay Street or when I’m having coffee and ask “have you heard anything?” and of course I realize they are talking about you. You have had an enormous effect on so many people’s lives. We all love you and are so inspired by your strength and wisdom and warmth. I walk by your building everyday and almost see you in the doorway like the first day we met when we had such an immediate connection and then realized we knew each other from 20 years ago. Just know that you are surrounded with a circle of love.


  7. katy keck says:

    You just flashed thru my mind – extra strong b/c you already there, but you asked to be heard. I hear you – I hear your laugh – I miss you and love you. Sending a big hug. Kecky


  8. Jo Ann Haun says:

    Dear One, thinking of you daily with your biggest and most dazzling smile and laugh. You know, the one that shows your big heart and your sense of humor : ) I am still thinking of my chasing you around the buffet table in the early morning hours at the American Stock Exchange and us both laughing like crazy. Eons ago, it seems.

    Much love to your loving self, sweet girl. All good to you and your love, Lucie.



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