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All the therapy dogs adore Laura. When Oliver saw Laura he hoped up on the bed and plopped his head into her lap and the pair fell asleep cuddling.  I was a bit jealous.  I love to curl up in Laura’s lap. Usually she tugs all my curls and turns my ringlets into frizz. So when I got home tonight I got out Laura’s old shearling coat and snuggled with it on the couch.

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  1. Kerry says:

    Thanks for posting this picture, Luc. Oh what a joy it is to see her smiling now.


  2. Jamie says:

    Glad to hear that you came home from visiting Laura today. That means you were feeling well enough to get in to see Laura and Oliver. Glad that Oliver can bring you both smiles. xojamie


  3. carol says:

    Oliver’s a dear. I’m so happy that he came to see Laura today. The photo is priceless, Lucie. Thanks for it.


  4. lisa silvestri says:

    thanks for posting. Laura looks beautiful.


  5. cathy diamond says:

    Lucie, These postings and photos are priceless. It is so true what I’ve read in previous comments about your poignant, funny descriptions. I love how you move from the moments in the hospital room to memories of the past and back. I’m so glad you’re feeling better – I’m sure Laura missed you terribly.

    When I’ve been there I’ve loved being with Laura – her sweet, strained coming in and out of conversations about catering gossip or family. Ordinary things, not existential things. She makes the effort to compliment the nurses for making her day so much easier. She is still thinking of our comfort as well as her own.

    Thank you for these beautiful words and images.


  6. Marian heller says:

    Lucie I’m so glad you were able to go see Laura again, and that she’s had more visits from the Caring Canines. Love that smile! I have a 2014 caring canine’s calendar for you, if you would like it. Oilver’s picture is in there too …. though not as fabulous and sweet a photo as this.

    blessings and love,


  7. Melodie Bryant says:

    the best visitor Laura could possibly have! So so happy Oliver came by.


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