Tree Love


tree2 2

Washington Sq Park – October 2013 


5 thoughts on “Tree Love

  1. To you, dear Lucie,

    Laura is there. You are here.

    Both separated by just a thin veil of air –
    A breath that feels like a gentle breeze, one day.
    Or a gust of wind that can knock you off your feet, the next.

    We have continued to follow your blog since Laura’s passing.
    From “Tree Love” to “Seeing the Light”,
    we have not been able to detach ourselves
    from your ever flowing thoughts and emotions –
    From the “before” to the “after” of Laura’s intrepid journey.

    Though the soothing voices of friends that had once
    drowned out the cacophony of hospital machines,
    are perhaps now a somewhat distant memory to you…
    We want you to know that our thoughts of the battle you and Laura
    fought so valiantly, are still part of our lives.

    Our daily mantra is to take what you have so generously shared with us,
    and to remember the importance of every second.

    Because all we know today, is that we are here.

    With love to you,
    Renée and Sophia


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