Gerson Revisited – part one


After Laura died a couple of people sniffed, ‘Well we knew the Gerson diet wouldn’t work.  Carrots and enemas – how could it?’   Other people have asked what I think in hindsight about the Gerson Technique.  So here goes –

Pain + Stamina – The doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering told us that doing the Gerson technique had definitely kept Laura’s pain at bay til the very last (it was only after she came off the Gerson diet that her pain shot up and became unbearable). They also thought it had greatly strengthened her system.  She survived far longer than expected for her tumor load.

Sugar Binging + Varicose Veins – The Gerson diet also cured Laura’s lifelong sugar bingeing even before we left the Gerson clinic (incredibly she wasn’t interested in cake and sweets even in her last weeks in hospital). Also, around 4-6 weeks after Laura started doing the diet, the spider veins and varicose veins in her legs vanished.

Could the Gerson technique have cured Laura’s rare cancer?  The 6 former Gerson patients we interviewed last summer (including one woman with the identical vaginal mucosal melanoma as Laura) told us only 30% of the patients at the clinic survived; most faltered around the 3-4 month mark (where Laura started to get sick) and the difference between success and failure was how well people stuck to the protocol.  We enlisted the most fantastic support team and both felt sure that the diet would work.  It made sense to detox the body so Laura’s weakened immune system could rebound and fight off the cancer. Laura never regretted doing the diet, even at the end. It surrounded her with love, gave her a mission and held her pain in check until 6 weeks before she died.

All that said, we both had some reservations about the clinic in Mexico. I’ll write more about that later..


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  1. Kathleen Blake says:

    Another beautiful post. I am happy to hear the positive things that came from Laura doing the Gerson Therapy. I am so sorry that it didn’t keep her with us but I am glad to know it keeping her pain at bay.


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