Tonight I rewatched Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity and understood for the first time why Laura loved it so. I didn’t get it originally.  I just thought the acting and special effects were good, but the story was implausible (Sandra Bullock didn’t have one scratch from all the space debris, and those helpful space stations kept materializing out of thin air).  But when I saw it again tonight, I cried.  How did I miss that it is about a woman fighting for her life, defying the odds that she is likely going to die. It’s Laura’s story (or the story we were hoping for) in allegory form. We escaped ‘the beast’ and the Gerson regime for 2 hours to see it. We both thrilled to a few hours out together, but Laura could have gone back and seen it again..

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Amen. It was a genius story of resilience, hope n belief. And a desire to live her life!


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