Gay Pride




Gay Pride NYC – 2011 

Laura and I often joked about hiring a float for the pride parade to celebrate our love.  It would have been the most boring float, two ‘gray gardens’ ladies in a giant bed smooching. Our love story played out at the same time as the most extraordinary and historic gay events, which buoyed us on. In 2011 (shortly after we met) NY voted to allow gay marriage (we sat together and listened to the speeches on the radio) and then in 2013, Edie Windsor got the Defense of Marriage Act overturned so that gay couples now have the same rights as straight couples (in those 19 states where gay marriage is allowed). When the verdict was announced we rushed to hear Edie Windsor’s victory speech.  And less than 6 months later, Laura and I celebrated our own ‘I do’s’. Our marriage certificate arrived the day Laura died and when she heard the news, she cracked the biggest smile and said ‘I love you’.

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  1. What a beautiful testimony of love this whole blog is! No way, you two were “two gray gardens ladies”. Your blog reflects two very vibrant and colorful “love birds” singing a beautiful love song out to the world through this blog.
    Toronto, “my city” is celebrating Pride Week this week, too.


  2. Jamie says:

    Happy Gay Pride! I am glad the two of you got to proclaim your love in marriage and that you could share the marriage certificate together too.


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