Journey of Souls

OK so I am obsessed with the afterlife.  I want to know what happened to Laura, where she is now and if I’ll ever see her again. So I am over the moon about my new book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. The author spent 30 years hypnotizing 100s of people, getting them to describe what happens between lives (we are reincarnated over and over, he says). It arrived in a simple brown wrapper at my sister’s house before I did. So my sister, thinking it was a present for her 50th birthday, opened it and was slightly worried when she saw the first chapter was titled Death and Departure. ‘I thought one of my weirder friends was trying to send me a message,’ she says. She was greatly relieved when I claimed it.

I’ve been crying tears of happiness and recognition as I read it. It knits together many things I’ve read (in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, books on Near Death Experiences like Life After Life and elements of the New Testament) and also things I’ve thought and glimpsed.  I’m only at the beginning, but it has covered so much already; how upon death the soul turns into a transparent white light and can leave the body through the head before death, how souls can be multiple places at once (even in two earthly bodies at the same time) and how departed souls try to communicate with us by ‘trying to reach inside [our} minds’.

It seems we have a tribe of soul mates that we encounter repeatedly on earth and beyond. In this life, ‘when you look into a certain person’s eyes on the ground – even people you have just met – [you] see a light you have known before. You don’t know why – but your soul remembers people from your past lives.’  When I first saw Laura’s photo, I knew she was the one and that I had met her before. And I can’t tell you how happy I am, and how right it seems, that I will see her again. This is how one of the subjects describes reconnecting with their soul mate in the afterlife.  ‘[We are}.. two masses of bright light whirling around each other..hugging…expressing makes us happy..we are just holding each other..enveloping each other in light.’


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  1. I did not have the privilege to see other souls on the other side – unfortunately; but I can confirm that it is true that the soul can leave the body before death and that the soul wanders and can be at multiple places. I had this experience – but as my soul was meant to come back in my body, my soul resided only in earthly spheres near my body in coma. My soul was around the hospital, near other patients, the OR, the nursing station. When I described to my husband much later (being out of my coma) the pictures at the walls in the hallways, he was speechless – and scared to death. He said I could have never seen these pictures. I remember a man with an asthma attack who was rushed to the ER. I remember as a “soul out of my body” looking so closely in this man’s big open eyes while he was choking and just staring back at me, as if he saw me. I felt so much compassion for this total stranger and wanted to help him to ease his agony. I had never felt so much compassion for anybody in my life before. Later, I asked the nurses how the “asthma man” was doing and they were puzzled and scared that I knew about him. I said, he was a black man in his 50s and on a stretcher at the end of the hallway waiting for immediate treatment. And the nurse felt really uncomfortable when I told her these things. She said, “he is doing ok” now. I could repeat the words what the nurses were talking in the nursing station and knew their names which embarrassed them a lot, as they did not always talk nicely about the patients.
    Yes, it is indeed the way you wrote what you read in your books: the souls try to communicate with the people on earth by trying to reach inside their minds. My soul, while out of my body, tried to get into the nurses’ minds, trying to tell them: Be kinder with each other, be compassionate with the patients. But they did not hear me. But I know the asthma man saw “me” (my soul). People need to be extraordinarily sensitive and conscious in order to communicate with the souls in the universe. The average human being is not open to them. I have experienced that.
    I’m so glad that at least some people in this world (and you are one of them, Lucie) are open and conscious enough to understand and to perceive. Please keep all of us who read your blog updated with your news and with what you read and experience. Like myself, there are people who really, really appreciate these things.


  2. Beth Thibodeaux says:

    More books worth considering; Robert Schwartz’ YOUR SOUL’S JOURNEY and YOUR SOUL’S GIFT about soul contracts and the healing power of the life we planned before we were born. They brought me solace after a recent loss. You might find them helpful.

    Beth Thibodeaux


    1. Thank you Beth. I will definitely check out these books. At times the loss is still unbearable. I so wish Laura had a physical body to hug me with, a voice to tease me with and her shapely form to dance around the apartment like we used to. But I have fallen in love with her new spiritual presence. She nudges me out of my pain, blows me a kiss and cheers me on.


      1. Beth Thibodeaux says:

        She is dancing around and blowing kisses across the planet…I can feel that.


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