A Word From The Monks

I’ve applied to do a 3 day retreat at the Christ in the Desert Monastery in New Mexico.  It combines three of my favorite things – chanting Benedictine monks, beautiful architecture by George Nakashima and the ruddy landscape around Abiquiu New Mexico.  Visitors get a small room in the guest lodge and the chance to follow the monks daily schedule – up at 4am for a choral start to the day and nightly silence from 7.30pm onwards.  I’ve been on tenterhooks waiting for over a week to hear if I got accepted. Then on friday I got a short email back. It read:  ‘Your reservation is confirmed… No shorts please. Brother Andre’.

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Just had a thought—Laura couldn’t have gone. She always wore shorts! LOL


    1. yes, that would have been a huge insult. But they didn’t say no jeans, right?


  2. Have a blessed retreat and soak in all the positive energy you can. Keep us posted!


  3. Toni says:

    Well my friend it looks like it is all coming together. Funny about that!. Much love wherever you are in this present moment.


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