heart stone, Boynton Canyon
Robert, Warrior Rock
Robert, Warrior Rock
Lucie, Warrior Rock
bell rock
Bell Rock

On an English hike the worst thing that can happen is you step in cow dung. In America there’s stuff that bites.  I love nature. I am just not used to big, wild, ‘tooth and claw’ American nature. So when a girlfriend and I spotted a plump snake on a hiking trail in California, we froze in terror. She dug her nails into my back so hard I couldn’t move. I had to talk her into releasing me as her human shield, so we could both tiptoe backwards down the hill.

Probably like many people, I am an odd mix of scaredy cat and brave. On my second day in Sedona, I set out on a solo hike in Boynton Canyon and at the trail head was a big sign saying: ‘Beware Bears‘. I had no snacks on me (which I had been told by hiking friends are a bear magnet), so I figured I was probably ok. A few hundred yards in was another: ‘WARNING! Bears have been spotted in this area within the last few days.’  I was just about to tiptoe back to the car, when I heard a native American flute trilling in the distance. It was like the Pied Piper calling.  ‘I thought this must be safe. There are other people out here.’ Twenty minutes further on, l found Robert, sitting atop an impossibly high rock,  playing away like a white Carlos Nakai.

Robert (who lives in a mobile home community for the over 55s) plays every morning atop ‘Warrior Man’, a male energy vortex whose sheer sides defeated nearly every other climber that morning. Directly opposite sits ‘Kachinka Woman’, a female energy vortex. After playing for an hour, Robert hands out heart-shaped stones (‘I spend an hour and make 50,’ he says his pockets bursting with them). He said I was sitting in the perfect location between the two vortices to balance my yin and yang energy. It certainly felt good.  And what I thought was bird poop around me, he explained was pockets of tiny crystals.  Before spryly skipping off, looking like an American Mr Hulot, he said:  ‘Remember.  The only thing that matters is unconditional love.’  Rock on Robert.

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  1. Steve Brown says:

    Rosemarie, Lucas and I were at that very place with the vortexes. Very cool. We were covered in dust! Enjoy! Steve


  2. Jamie says:

    Lucie, enjoy your time scrambling up and down the earthen obstacle course. xo


  3. Hello Lucie,
    I enjoyed meeting you atop Warrior Rock and chatting with you in one of the most beautiful and spiritual places in the world. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story. I hope you are enjoying the rest of your travels. I wish you comfort and healing. I have a lovely picture of the flute player I could share with you. He is holding one of his signature hearts.

    In peace,
    Jen Derham, MA, EdS, RYT-200
    Instructor, Founder, Editor in Chief
    Blue Lotus Yoga Retreats & MN Yoga Magazine


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