The Kindness of Strangers

helena 1
Helena –

The universe has put the most wonderful companions into my path this trip. Usually  I think of myself as quite a monk-ish person.  Laura was the chatty one.  She could have a group of strangers laughing in 10 minutes.  I was often happier reading a book than socializing. I don’t know what has changed, but something has. Am I channeling Laura? Or just somehow split open by this past year’s experiences?  On my first day sitting on Bell Rock (my favorite vortex) I was feeling a bit disappointed I didn’t feel anything.  Then Helena, an LA based photographer and hair stylist, and her ‘Daddio’ (her cool father) appeared.  ‘I didn’t feel anything either and I did last time,’ said Helena. ‘Maybe the vortex isn’t working today?’ And we both laughed.  On the second day I found Robert trilling away on top of Warrior Rock and we became fast friends.

Yesterday standing at the foot of Airport Mesa (another Vortex), I met Kay from Japan.  We hiked together for nearly 3 hours admiring the 360 views and chatting about life, love and loss. Kay explained that in Japanese Shinto beliefs, everything is considered sacred – a tree, a rock, an insect even the soil we walk on. A few years ago, when her father was dying from esophageal cancer, he could no longer talk. But sitting at his bedside, Kay suddenly heard him speak to her a final message. ‘There was a roomful of people.  It was his voice loud and clear . But no-one else heard it.’  Kay thinks she experienced a form of spiritual telepathy. I think Laura is using the same channel.  And today –  how great is this? –  I am getting a Hawaiian massage from Malaika who I met at the ChocolaTree Cafe.

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  1. Toni says:

    it all sounds wonderful Lucie and pretty close to what you were looking for I think. Stay open. Love


  2. Jamie says:

    Laura was easy with strangers and Lucie you are too- you both possessed the ability to connect. Enjoy connecting in the spirit of Laura – or with the spirit of Laura.


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