A Love Affair

lucie sw
1996 – my first Saguaro cactus
Bryce Canyon

My love affair with the red rock, big sky country of the South West started in 1996 on a family vacation. We spent an exhilarating 2 weeks driving through Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California, on a trail plotted out by a geology professor friend of my dad’s.  In Jerome, a funky little mining town near Sedona, I got suckered into buying a snake bite kit, whistle, waterproof matches and all manner of emergency gear by a canny store owner. We never used any of it.  My special matches vanished in Utah. Later my dad confessed he had used the entire box trying to light a fire inside our cabin.

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  1. The ‘Salome Restaurant’ looks intriguing! A bit of dancing and noggins on silver platters?


    1. can you read the sign ‘crawl out, walk in’


  2. ptmulraney says:

    Hi Lucie!
    If you like the red rocks so much you should get yourself down here.
    Love the aesthetics of your blog.


    1. yes! am very attracted to australia too. Never been, but have good friends (including you and Toni) and relatives out there.


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