Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year.  It is Laura’s and my wedding anniversary.  Over our three years together, we sang ‘A your Adorable’ almost every night to each other, making up our own silly words for each letter of the alphabet. The more bonkers the better.  Laura jumped in first with ‘Marry Me’ for the letter M.  We planned to marry when Laura was well. But when her health failed, the idea of getting married to protect me legally seemed unromantic and distressing as it acknowledged that Laura was dying.

But our wedding couldn’t have been sweeter if we had planned it over a year and spent a million bucks. Originally we thought it was going to be a pajama wedding as Laura had been so poorly. But that morning she perked up, dressed in her favorite pink t-shirt and jeans, and 5 of our nearest and dearest came to cheer us on, recite our favorite poems (including one written by Laura to me) and cocoon us with love. We were showered with beautiful flowers and my family Skyped in from England (my nieces dressed up as bridesmaids and everyone in the UK ate wedding cake and drank champagne. Our guests in New York weren’t so lucky.  I think we had just one bottle of wine and some fruit juice). One hour after the wedding, Laura was back in bed.  But the next morning she rolled over and grabbed me triumphantly: ‘Now you are mine!’ she said. What bliss!laura+lucie laura+lucie3 L+L

just married
Just married

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  1. Toni says:

    Beautiful memories. Very loving. Glad to be a part of it!


  2. rbarnes36 says:

    Will never forget that special day. Such an honor and privilege to be part of it. Send love and hugs to you.


  3. Karen Perrey says:

    I have just read your beautiful reflections about your special day. What a wonderful way to start my busy day here in England, with such expressions of love x


  4. I wish you a happy anniversary Lucie for what was a very special day for you both last year. To know that you have met and loved so completely and that memory will never go away. Love Stevexxxx


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