What The Soul Sees

I love this story from Brian Weiss’s book ‘Same Soul Many Bodies’. A top cardiologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami told Weiss how he had worked feverishly to resuscitate an elderly woman in a diabetic coma. There was little hope because of her severe condition and in the rush to help the cardiologist dropped his gold pen. When the woman miraculously revived, she told him she had watched the whole incident floating above her body.  She described in detail the clothes the doctors and nurses wore, the succession of people who came in and out of the ICU, and what each did in amazing detail. She also described how he dropped his pen and said it looked very expensive. The cardiologist was amazed, especially because the woman had been blind for more than five years. Her soul had sight, but not her body.

The same cardiologist now takes an active interest in his dying patients stories. Many report seeing long-deceased loved ones in their room before they die. These spirits have come to take them to the other side, he says. One patient described his grandmother waiting patiently in a chair. Another was visited by her child who had died in infancy. These patients, more than most, he says, exhibit, ‘a calmness, a serenity about dying’.

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