Move Closer

hug thief

If you need ideas for next Valentine’s day, you might want to take some tips from the animal world. Dancing, singing, kissing, applying lots of color; it seems animals use many of the same dating tactics as us (if the Beeb’s Animals in Love documentary is right). Take the wood spider, it does a pretty good Harlem Shake, or the Andean Flamingos who perform a Vogue-style dance en masse. Males and females spend hours before ‘the show’ pinking themselves up (pushing a special pinkness gland). Gibbons sing a daily duet with their partners and Prarie dogs are especially keen kissers. My favorite though is the Capuchin monkey. The females are charged with the romantic pursuit and their preferred techniques include pinching and pulling the male’s fur, raising an eyebrow quizzically, stalking, and if all that doesn’t work pelting the man with stones.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Perrey says:

    Lovely x


  2. Marilyn says:

    I go for all of it except the pelting with stones; then, on second thought…..


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