On Aging

To live is to be slowly born – Antoine de St Exupery


The purpose of human experience is to grow us into God. It is so we can melt into God as we go – to expand. We are either expanding or collapsing at every moment…It is a process.  The soul grows in us.  I don’t have the same soul I had at 6.  Now [age 78] I’ve a soul that is thicker, deeper, warmer, lighter, wiser – Sister Joan Chittister, Benedictine nun (on SuperSoulSunday)

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  1. Jamie says:

    This evolution, this revolving, this aging, this learning. You depict it with such joy in the photo’s you post. Thanks for the reminders to keep a sense of wonder and a sense of humor.


  2. rbarnes36 says:

    Sr Joan is one of my heroes.


    1. That makes total Sense! She seems such a wise and gentle soul. I just discovered her on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday show. If you are interested you can catch it online via the Super Soul Sunday Facebook page.


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