Laura’s Gifts

I love birds.  But I’ve never had one land on me before.  Once a cat fell out of a tree onto my shoulders, but I don’t think that counts. And then today….I got two birds at once!  It was a particularly sweet experience because when I left my apartment this morning I said to Laura “OK send me something fun and unexpected.”  A couple of fun things happened immediately, so I forgot about it. Then after lunch, my friend Lisa and her family wanted to go to Washington Square Park (where Laura and I loved to sit and where Laura loved to photograph the pigeon man) and look who came to play with me..

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Lovely 🌻


  2. Jamie says:

    Just too cool. Those birds knew who to perch on and your Laura is bringing you sweet surprises.


  3. says:

    What great photos! Love them and you too!


  4. MARION says:

    In all my years of living in NYC……..actually my entire life AND spending many many hours in Washington Square Park, I have never ever had a pigeon come within a few feet of me (they usually kind of strut over, turn around and scurry away) and I have never ever seen anyone else standing around with a pigeon on their head. THAT WAS DEFINITELY LAURA and she brought along a friend!!!!! XOXOXO


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