Wow! 100,000 hits

Today this little blog clocked 100,000 hits.  Laura would be amazed.  I am. Wow! Wow! Wow!  Laura and I started this blog together on July 4, 2013 to reach out to family and friends when Laura was sick. Next week it will turn two.  It has reached people in over 130 countries. Thank you dear readers and followers.   You’ve held my hand through the most amazing  journey of my life and I am still journeying on.. filled with awe and gratitude for all I have learned and witnessed, and all the love and support. Thank you..

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  1. You are very welcome, Lucie.


    1. Thank you! I don’t know if I can ever really express how much this blog means to me – all the love and support (and Laura’s cheeky spiritual presence) helped me get through my dark night of the soul.


      1. That’s good to know. And it’s mutual. Your blog has given your readers so much hope and inspiration. In the process of reading your posts, death doesn’t seem like a scary, threatening evil power anymore, but rather a normal part of life. I strongly believe that, with your blog, you have been contributing significantly in restoring the truth and wisdom which had been forgotten here in our Western modern culture. Your blog is a treasure. The number of “hits” is an evidence.
        By the way, I feel sorry that I discovered your blog after Laura had passed – and not earlier, when she was still physically around. I would have loved to send her directly some words of encouragement. I am sure, many other readers feel the same way. Love from Angelika


        1. she’s here. she knows what’s going on. I’ve felt her super happy all day. Just wish she could email you back!


  2. Congratulations Lucie. Laura would have loved this news. xxx


    1. Thanks Stevie B. I know she would. She has been leaving me a little trail of pennies all day..


  3. Jamie says:

    Kudos to you and Laura and to all of your readers! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself!


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