The Energy of Things


A dear friend of mine, a celebrated British fashion designer, once told me that she never bought vintage clothes because she didn’t want ‘to get jangled up by other people’s energy’.  I never found old clothes or even old furniture a problem. However I do get weird energy off antique jewelry, and I think I just found out why.

During a day long seminar with Dr Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters everyone had to exchange a piece of jewelry with a total stranger. A young woman gave me a pretty gold ring.  We were told to meditate on the object and try to intuit from it something about the owner. I shut my eyes and felt a terrific fluttery energy, as if the ring had turned into a butterfly in my hands. Then the word ‘angel’ came into my head. From this beautiful starting point, everything then went in the opposite direction and I suddenly saw people in a terrible accident.  I saw a dead body lying on the ground.  I also saw a woman covered by a blanket shivering and what looked like flames behind her. Dr Weiss wanted us to ask ‘the object’ for advice for its owner. I heard a very strong  ‘GO!’  Nothing else. When I shared my experience with the ring’s owner, she said the ring had belonged to a deceased uncle who she considers her guardian angel. She said his spirit feels like it is constantly hovering over her and protecting her. She never met him, she said, because he died in a terrible train accident (she thought that was all the carnage I saw).  The big question in her life is if she should move to LA.  To which her guardian angel evidently said a resounding:  ‘YES!’

According to Dr Weiss, our most intimate possessions, especially jewelry, watches and even spectacles carry a lot of our energy.  When I returned home I picked up Laura’s favorite seed pearl necklace and I experienced the warmth of her love encircle me. Also I noticed something I had never seen before. It has a little golden tag on it stamped with the picture of an angel (you can see it in the post below).

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  1. Joan says:

    I couldn’t agree more!


  2. What a beautiful golden heart. I’m happy to hear that you have Laura’s jewelry and receive her loving energy through it in a physical (touchable) way. That is fantastic that you got to meet Dr. Brian Weiss in person and got to attend his seminar. I read about him and follow him on Twitter. You are certainly on a very exciting and special spiritual journey towards more and more enlightenment.


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