Marry Me!

necklace 2

Laura’s back!  I was reading a book in bed last night and each time I read the phrase ‘Marry me’ (twice) the huge floor lamp in the bedroom went crazy flashing. ‘Oh Laura!’ I giggled. It made my heart leap.  She hasn’t flashed the lamps in months. Possibly because I haven’t meditated in months (oops). Meditation (even 5 minutes), helps create a space to connect to our higher selves and to the spirit world. I know this, but still…

So yesterday, I meditated for 10 minutes under my favorite ginkgo tree in Carl Schurz park. Like a fairytale, little birds and butterflies swooped down encircling me and seemingly danced around me.  One butterfly’s wings were as large as my two hands. I’ve never seen anything like it. And then last night, Laura’s ‘marry me’ flash-athon brought me such joy. It had particular resonance because we often sang silly songs in bed together and Laura would usually sing ‘marry me’.

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