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  1. mary lou says:

    There is not an ‘either or’ here. Yes?


    1. Good point. Kind and clever is a great mix. I would add loving too.


  2. Jamie says:

    def. kind and loving. thoughtful might cover much ground. 🙂


  3. lolamillebolle says:

    I kindly disagree. Clever is up to no good and self-centered and kind is expansive and gentle. That quote is very timely as lately I’ve been noticing how much I like the kindness in people. QI with Stephen Fry at the helm and Graham Norton of his ‘eponymous’ Show – perhaps they are proving the exception to what I just wrote – are both extraordinarily kind. And clever. But the Clever Pusses of the world – the ones that get what they want by manipulation and subterfuge, and will wiggle out of anything rather than take responsibility for their actions – are to be given a wide berth. A different sort of clever, and the one I was initially thinking of. No, I much prefer kindness these days to almost anything else. :-O


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