Laura Speaks

If you regularly read this blog, you’ll know I sometimes ask Laura: ‘Send me something lovely!’ And invariably something fun happens. Today I was walking home from the subway and asked Laura to surprise me. I started singing ‘Pennies From Heaven’ in hopes of finding lots of pennies. I guess I was trying to force a response. But Laura won’t be commanded and nothing happened. So I forgot my request until I Skyped my parents in England this afternoon. And then I received the most extraordinary surprise. There was a sweet Skype message from Laura (from Tootie to Tweets) made on October 6,2013. It somehow got lost in our computers (although I Skype regularly and don’t understand why I never saw it before). But it popped up today for the first time. What bliss…


6 thoughts on “Laura Speaks

  1. Oh, Lucie, this is the most wonderful of love letters to pop up. And lovely for me as well as it is really a very solid ‘hit’ of Laura, having never met her. When my sister died (Kashmir, road accident while traveling) 33 years ago, I got her camera 6 months later… long story which I can share with you sometime, but it was her last roll of film, and then a year later amongst her things a stray roll of film taken just before she set off on her world journey and was visiting friends and my other sister, and then ANOTHER roll of film found a year after that. A roller coaster connection, though by the last roll it was almost too much. I still miss her terribly. We would have grown old together. You have my heart. Much love, Jenny


    1. Aw Jenny, so good to see you on the blog. I remember you saying how you found a roll of your sister’s pictures. I didn’t realize it was 3 rolls spaced out over a couple of years. They certainly have a way of comforting us via the little unexpected things left behind. I can’t believe I didn’t find this video of Laura before. I’ve been sorrowful since she passed that I didn’t take video of her. And now here she is…on video!


  2. And not just any old video but a very short, sweet and to the point I LOVE YOU – un self conscious direct from the heart to the heart. What joy. xo J


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