Getting Higher..

double trouble

Sometimes writing down a painful emotion helps release it. After I posted ‘River of Tears’ on Monday, it was as if I had stuck a pin in a balloon or lanced a boil. The negativity and pain drained away.

What I’ve also noticed is that once I start to kindle a little joy, it doesn’t take much to make it grow.  On Wednesday,  I went to see Dada Masilo’s feisty new Swan Lake, a mash up of African dance moves and classical ballet with lots of tutu jiggling, foot-stomping sexiness and swooningly elegant bare chested dancers (both male and female) flying through the air. I love dance.  It reminds me of the sheer exhilaration of being embodied, of why as spirits we enjoy being in physical form.

Afterwards, as I stood beside the ticket machine in the subway, I realized I was surrounded by a half circle of pennies. I got on the train and there was a penny in front of my seat. I exited the train and there was another on the platform. I got onto the bus and there was one at my feet.  It was like a penny paper chase.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  By the time I got home my pockets were jangling with Laura’s favorite love tokens. Feeling happy myself, I decided to ask Laura if she is happy wherever she is.  And I heard something that caught me by surprise. She said that she and ‘my higher self’  are having a fabulous time,’flying around and having fun. It’s great.’

My higher self? And then I remembered that according to Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls,  we only bring a small part of ourselves to earth in each incarnation, maybe as little as 20-30%. The majority of our being remains non physical. If this is true, it means I don’t just have Laura ‘up there’ to cheer me on, there is a part of me that is always pure positive spiritual energy that I can call on anytime for help and encouragement…now there’s a thought!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Luciane says:

    Up and higher, sweet Lucie! 🙂


  2. ml says:

    I love the thought of that penny trail. Very comforting.


  3. I am happy for you that you have gotten such uplifting messages from high up.


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