Laura loves yoga.  Or rather Laura loves coming to tickle me during yoga class. Yesterday I found myself giggling out loud after Laura wrapped herself around me as I was getting ready to do ‘boat pose’. It was a bit like that scene in the movie Ghost where Patrick Swayze’s ‘departed’ character comes up behind Demi Moore while she is potting and showers her with kisses.

Last week, the class was supposed to be doing a visualization about spinning our heart chakra for Valentine’s day weekend and I felt Laura snuggle in beside me as I lay on my mat and a huge white cloud of light engulf us.  I kept thinking, ‘Everyone’s got to be seeing this huge cloud of light.’  But I asked my friend, the teacher, Susanne afterwards and she said ‘No’.

It is a curious thing why Laura shows up in yoga class. I’ve not been to yoga in 10 years and only just started back this month. I think it helps that the class has beautiful energy, thanks to Susanne.  But I wonder if  Laura also comes for the music?   Years ago Susanne gave me copies of  CDs she plays in the class. Laura would listen to them over and over, especially ‘The Sun and Moon meditation’ by Cheri Clampett and Jack Lee  as she was preparing to pass.

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