Two Hearts Entwined

2 birds

Sitting on my little mossy green meditation cushion giving thanks for all the blessings in my life, I’ve noticed recently the most beautiful things keep passing by my windows.  I live on the 28th floor of an uptown Manhattan apartment building, so my normal neighbors up here are helicopters, blimps and the odd seagull surfing the air currents that eddy around the  buildings.

But last week I was giving thanks for all the spirits that surround me, especially Laura’s, and what sailed into view was a pair of silver heart-shaped balloons,  tied together and circling around and around each other in what looked like an ecstatic dance.  The balloons seemed to linger for a moment, playing some more and then they were gone. In the 15 years I’ve lived here I’ve seen the occasional children’s balloon flit by, but nothing like this.  It was the perfect manifestation of my heart.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. ml says:

    Your spirit seems to invite ‘happenings.’


    1. Jamie says:

      Your spirit is joyful and open. Thank you for sharing your beautiful explorations, apparitions, and honest experiences.

      Wishing you a joyful and serene trip to Naples.


  2. Luciane says:

    Dear Lucie, I love this sweet little story. It feels so tender and gentle to the heart. 🙂


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