Outdoor Cancer Therapy


To stop yourself getting cancer you have to avoid things that are known to cause it in the first place, the cancer specialist told my sister Andrea. His top four troublemakers for creating cancer are alcohol, being overweight, smoking and lack of exercise. A good anti-cancer exercise regime includes a minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic activity five times a week, he said. To this end my sister and I have been striding purposely over cow pats and navigating our way around lambs, cows, swans and squishy bits of fenlands in the countryside around her house in Cambridge. Normally we would amble along the river to the pretty Grantchester Orchard (a 120 year old tea garden popularized by Virginia Woolf, EM Forster, Rupert Brook and Ludwig Wittgenstein) but now we are on a mission so we don’t stop.  As a result, my sister is looking fitter than ever. And fingers crossed the transformation on the outside parallels what’s happening within..

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  1. Gail says:

    I think this is a good idea, yet sometimes cancer still comes knocking. I am a certified fitness professional of over 20 years. I am an avid long distance runner. I eat well. I don’t really drink. I certainly do not smoke. I am a size 0. Being fit, healthy and well did not stop me from getting stage 2 colon cancer, but it did equip me to fight back hard.


    1. Lucie Young says:

      Thanks for your thoughts on this Gail. Wishing you well on your healing journey. My own two cents is that disease is about emotional, spiritual and physical stress on the body. I also think the path to rebalancing these elements is as unique as your own fingerprint.

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  2. ml says:

    Sounds ‘right’ to me. You are both so fortunate to have each other.


  3. Joan says:

    Good luck Andrea!


  4. Jamie says:

    I am picturing much love, connection, and laughter strengthening your spirits and healing.


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