Our Super Power


People say trust your gut. But I think we also ought to be trusting our hearts too.  They emit a signal which is more powerful than anything else in the body.   Recent research has found that ‘the heart has the ability to generate an electromagnetic field (EMF) that is 5,000 times the EMF of the brain.’  The Dalai Lama’s heart can be measured a mile or two out before he actually arrives in a room according to Dr Christian Northrup in her new book Making Life Easy. She also says that your heart creates a huge EMF field around you and has the ability to entrain the EMF of everyone you come in contact with. I wonder if that is what happens when we go somewhere with an open heart, or do some simple act of kindness expecting nothing in return.

I know when I am traveling and my heart is open and free, and full of delight, that magical things happen around me.  On my recent travels to Hawaii and Australia it was the people (often total strangers)  as much as the scenery that made the experience a joy.  One of the highlights was arriving at the start of a huge storm at Coconut Glen’s ice-cream shack in Hana, Maui.  It was near the end of  a 50 mile ride along a switchback road. It was five minutes before closing and instead of shooing me away and battening down the hatches, he gave me free coconut and lilikoi ice-cream and some fruit off his trees. And then the next day a sweet American couple at a Thai food shack told me about their favorite red sandy beach. I wasn’t confident I could walk the cliff edge path to the beach on my own, so they arrived the next morning at 7am to lead me there.

I first began to see how pure love and kindness work when Laura was ill.  Love and generosity without expectation of return, begets more love and more kindness.  It is one of the super powers of this universe. We all have access to it on a daily basis. We just need to access it more…

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  1. mary russell says:



  2. Dear Lucie, it’s been a while since I checked in on your blog. Reading your latest posts, you continue awing me with your spiritual energy and inner powers. Many people who lost a loved one become either depressed or bitter and angry. I see it all the time. With you it was the opposite. You kept blossoming like a flower who doesn’t get effected by any seasons. Is this as a gift that Laura keeps sending you, or is it a learning process, or a combination? Very few people reach this state of awareness and illumination in a lifetime.
    I feel honoured to know you through your blog.
    Angelika xoxo


    1. Lucie Young says:

      Thank you dear Angelika. For whatever reason I was given the gift of seeing Laura’s spirit leave her body when she passed. And in that moment she took me with her on her journey. Just a little at first. But those hours changed everything. After that I knew there was much more than this realm and that the veil between our human existence and the spiritual realm around us is very thin. It helped that Laura kept reaching back to hold my hand until I found my feet. And now she just plays with me and eggs me on to find more joy and to expand, create and explore.

      Other things that helped greatly since her passing were reading Michael Newton’s books Journey of Souls and Destiny of souls and doing a past-life regression and a life-between-lives regression. Seeing how I’ve grown and evolved as a spirit over many different lives was amazing. But the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced was getting infused with an incredible sensation of pure love while doing the life-between-lives regression. It was a love like nothing else. For a brief time, I felt I saw into everyone’s soul and that I loved everyone. I knew then that was how we were supposed to feel. And I wanted to do whatever I could to get as close to that as possible. A few weeks later I found the work of Abraham/Esther Hicks (it was one of Laura’s books called Ask and It Is Given) which gave me the tools to soothe my pain and put it all together and manifest my dreams and be more fully myself.

      I feel incredibly blessed to have had this journey which is still unfolding, and I don’t doubt that Laura (and a few other dear souls like my grandma) have been nudging, tickling and prodding me all along the way. And I feel honored to have so many kind souls like yourself supporting me and making me feel less alone and less weird as this path has unfolded. Without my blog family I might have thought I was going a little nutty. But the love and kindness has kept my heart and spirit strong. Thank YOU!!

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  3. Jamie says:

    Thank you for sharing such a vision of love, kindness, and wisdom! xo


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