The Norwalk juicer

The Norwalk Juicer is the Ferrari of Juicers.  It is a 60lb, $2,500 stainless steel grinding and pulverizing machine and it is the key implement for healing the Gerson way. The delivery man staggered in through the door carrying its enormous box. On Monday, Laura and I sat for 2 hours watching the instructional video.  It’s really only 20 minutes long but took us 2 hours to comprehend.  We’re in shock.   It is so complicated to use. Laura said it was worse than hearing she had cancer.

The first couple of days Laura and I were picking bits of carrot and apple out of each other’s hair, off the cabinets and the ceiling. If you get the timing wrong, the Norwalk fires masticated vegetables back at you.  The clean up is unbelievably laborious. It takes  half an hour fussing around with the special instructions for everything.  Try doing this 13 times a day.  I think I would rather be in prison stitching mail bags.


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  1. Liz says:

    Well, picking food out of my hair, sounds like something fun to look forward to some Saturday in the not too distant future. ;-D


  2. Well, sounds like fun to me, picking food out of each others hair. ;-D Admittedly I’d prefer chocolate but vegitables would do…. tee hee.
    much love, Liz


    1. laura says:

      boy i really would like some chocolate right about now too!! 🙂 laura


      1. u n me both girl!


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