Our Mission

Hi!  We are Lucie and Laura.   Last month Laura heard those words that no-one should hear in their lifetime. ‘Go home, there is nothing more we can do for you.’  She has a very rare melanoma of the cervix (under 100 cases worldwide). Conventional medicine has no cure for this kind of cancer.

But we aren’t giving up that easily….

We’re soul mates and we’ve created this blog to tell you about our adventures healing Laura from cancer using the Gerson Technique.  It’s a super intensive 18 hour a day detox. The principles are DRINK (13 raw juices a day) and POOP (5 enemas a day) –  in order to LIVE!

The Gerson technique sounds easy but it is the Everest of Alternative health.  We’re at base camp now with no sherpas yet and only a few bits of gear.  You can also cheer us on by joining our Go Fund Me campaign http://www.gofundme.com/3eqe7w

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