How Not To Do An Enema

One of the people here at the Gerson Clinic just set their bed on fire and it wasn’t by smoking or illicitly trying to grill a steak.  They were trying to help their partner do an enema..

For modesty’s sake we’ll refer to the patient as J.  She was lying on the enema couch in the recommended fetal position trying to retain her coffee enema for the full 12 minutes, while her partner (who we’ll call D) was cleaning out the enema bucket with a little hydrogen peroxide.

D accidentally spilt the peroxide on her bed and a few minutes later, there were a few pops, a flash and the bed started smoking. As the sheets caught fire, D went to fetch Dr Cervantes and J grabbed a towel, clenched her butt cheeks together and shimmied in to the bathroom to continue retaining her enema.

Evidently the electrics in the old hospital bed had shorted out. Dr Cervantes pulled out the cord, put out the flames and wanted to send in housekeeping.  But J, the perfect Gerson patient, begged for just 8 more minutes to finish up her enema.

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