Tumor Necrosis

In The Gerson Therapy book (2001) one patient Kent Gardner describes his throat tumor when it starts to die off as ‘rotting in my throat..it produced a constant, horrible smell unlike anything I had ever experienced – even after working for 24 years as a taxidermist!’ Eventually it fell off and he swallowed it. Sounds disgusting – right?  One of our friends from the Gerson Clinic is already experiencing her tumor disintegrating.  ‘It is necrotic, seepy and smelly.’  Her tumor is external so she can monitor it.  Laura’s is internal.  We’ve no idea where it is in the die off process, but for the moment Laura smells quite good.  Its odd to think if she starts to stink that will be a good day.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Jake aka Heather says:

    I hope Laura starts to stink soon! Love to you both ~ Jake


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