Blood Work Update

Today, Laura had her first phone check-up with Dr Cervantes at the Gerson Clinic in Mexico .  He reviewed her blood work and said her urine PH 8.5 is too alkaline (apparently this happens to most Gerson patients after 6 weeks), so he wants her to eat a little animal protein. Her ears perked up and she started dreaming of lamp chops.  Instead she is getting just 3 oz organic non-fat plain yogurt twice a day (the Gerson diet is absolutely no meat until the tumor is long gone).

The other good news is that Laura no longer does castor oil enemas every other day.  Now she does them twice a week, but the new regime is double strength! She has to drink 2 tablespoons of castor oil at 6.30am, then put 4 tablespoons of castor oil in her regular enema at 11.30am.  ‘It makes you want to throw up when you drink it, but the castor oil enema pulls out much more stuff,’ she says.

No more potassium added to her juices either as her level is a little high (5).  Her LDH (which Dr Cervantes calls her cancer marker) is down to around 244 (normal is below 176). And no signs of anemia, which is great because she is still bleeding.  Our mission now is to stop the bleeding and have the cancer gone.

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