The Cancer Doctor

Laura – I went again  to one of the “best cancer hospitals” this Friday. It’s a joke to me since they haven’t anything healthy to offer me. I saw the chemo doctor. I had to, since I needed to schedule a full body PET Scan which I will have today at 8 AM. I told her what I’m doing for my health. I knew it was a waste of breath to mention the Gerson therapy but I did it anyway. It went in one ear and out the other. She told me my cough could be pneumonia and I could have a terrible blood infection. Why say this to me until we look at the lab work? She scared the hell out of me. I came home very depressed and thought maybe I’m dying now. Turns out there wasn’t anything horribly wrong with me and yes I had an infection just not pneumonia. She tried her best to push the drug trials. I told her I had a long conversation with the head of melanoma cancer up at Mt. Sinai and we spoke about these drugs already and that I’ve done all that research. First you never know if they really give you the drugs, if it’s too little, too much or none at all. That’s why they call it a trial. Also back before I went to the clinic I found out these new and “fab” drugs can give you a heart attack, paralyze you, perforate your intestines, cause death and vision problems. We know of someone who had a miraculous drug recovery and a couple years later the bones in her body are breaking as a side effect of these wonderful drugs. I thought with all these possible symptoms it was a good idea to try the Gerson therapy instead. The success rate with the Gerson therapy is much better than the measley 15% of 15% who survive on these drug trials.

The nice doctor had nothing to tell me but bad news and she also pushed the drug trials over and over although I kept saying I’m not interested. Guess the drug companies take good care of these fab doctors with high payoffs!

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  1. elaine souda says:

    So glad to hear you don’t have pneumonia or a serious blood infection and that the Gerson doc says that your bad number went down 1,000 points. It is hard, very hard, to block out the negative comments made by that cancer doc and focus on the good news but I hope you can because it is very important for your healing to KEEP THE FAITH. You have been so strong through all of this. Remember that you are not alone and love and light are coming your way from all who love you to give you the strength to keep on keepin on. YOU ARE AMAZING LAURA! Amazing. xxx


  2. In Australian indigenous culture, the medicine man punishes a wrongdoer by “pointing the bone”. The wrongdoer, believing themselves to be condemned, then goes away and dies. There are only 2 known instances where someone who has had the bone pointed at them has survived. They have believed that their own magic is more powerful than the magic of the medicine man. Oncologists and other cancer doctors speak in a language that can only be described as pointing the bone. They don’t mean to but they only know how to talk about the numbers that are never that optimistic. Your magic is strong – I can see that and it’s being fed by all the magic of these amazing people who love and support you. Sending you lots of love and light. And keep believing in magic x


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