What Now?

Laura – Hi friends, I don’t know how to say this, so I just will. The PET/CT scan showed the melanoma spread to my liver, lungs, stomach and pancreas. Lucie and I found out yesterday around 12:30PM. We both bawled for 2 hours! I always said if I am going to die I want to go out with a big bang, fancy restaurants, warm vacations, etc. I also spent the day in the hospital getting an IV infusion of fluids. I have been so dehydrated from all these night sweats I’ve been getting for a week now. I sweat through 5 T-shirts a night. While there, they did even more blood, urine cultures and liver cultures. By 9PM at night they found out I don’t have any infections and even my urinary tract infection has gone with the help of Amoxycillin. I still have a bad cough though and feel very weak!

What to do now, you say? Well I would continue doing the Gerson Therapy but I can’t seem to get the food down. I have no appetite for it and that’s always been a problem but now it’s keeping me from continuing. I need to be able to eat. I think that’s one reason I got sick. I also feel not well enough to continue. I’m a pit pull though and will find some other way to heal. I just need to feel better and recoup my strength. I’m still listing from weakness as I walk.

Thank you for all the love and support and for the amazing weekend warriors and our weekday angel Brenda! Will keep you posted as we work out our next steps.

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  1. colette says:

    Laura, Lucie, tell me what sorts of affirmations you’d like me to send your way, and I am on it. Wish I was near by, I would come over and work with the soles of your feet, I would warm them and wiggle them, and kiss them, until we all remember that life is sweet. xxoo


    1. Kerry says:

      I love you all – Laura, Lucie, Colette, Reg, Heather, Brenda, all the weekend warriors – I love you all.


    2. you are so sweet colette. i wish you were closer too!


  2. Katy Keck says:

    I can still visualize you sitting on a beach in 5 years laughing your head off. Very devastating news but don’t give up. I’m praying like mad. I’m so sorry you both are going through this and wish I were there for a big hug. Keep strong buy stay calm.


  3. Brigitte Price says:

    I am with Katy Keck, do not give up! Remember all those case stories who recovered despite the state their bodies were in! Do get Dr C’s opinion on this. I understand the food dilemma, you need to be able to eat to heal, hoping there is some short term compromise. Especially since you are not able to do the full GT at the moment anyway. You are fully in my thoughts my dear dear friend! Have a question though! When they said after your chest x ray that there was no mets in your chest, what did that mean? And how does this compare to the prior pet/CT scan?


    1. The Pet Scan showed more than the chest xray it seems. They found very very small nodules. I just need to heal now Brigitte. I’ve lost my strength. Have been very sick and weak and hope that I can get strong again! xoxo Laura


      1. Brigitte Price says:

        Darling Laura! Yes, heal and all my positive affirmations are directed to you. Can you eat anything (even non Gerson?), just wondering and also wondering if clinic will say Ok to that since they had no problem making you go through that awful test, putting more poison in your body. Sorry, am on a rampage about those tests. Wonder if you can eat other things right now if that would give you some strength back, like even broth etc. You have been through the wringer and my heart so goes out to you. But I firmly believe you can get strong again; you do need some help though right now . Sending so much love and hugs and strength your way! Always, Brigitte


  4. For the times when things have gone sideways and you’ve still come out on top – I was hoping this would have been one of them (waiting for the PET scan). Thank you for having taken us so far, and so graciously, on your amazing journey. Sending all my love as you find your way through to the next step. Whatever that is and wherever that takes you. Jenny


    1. Hi Jenny, I’m not giving up!! I’m a fighter and Lucie is even a bigger fighter. There are other alternative healings out there. I want to check out Dr Tullio Simoncini in Italy. Only problem is he is so so far. Not sure if he speaks English either. Still need to try! Thanks for all your lovely support! Laura


  5. Kathleen says:

    Lucie and Laura. I wanted to tell you about Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez; perhaps you already know about him, he practices in NYC. His therapy is based on the work of Dr. William Donald Kelley who healed his own pancreatic cancer in the sixties. Kelley, in turn, based his therapy on Max Gerson and gives him credit in some of his books. Over the years, Dr Kelley learned that his therapy didnt work for everyone and he started to tailor it to the individual. Dr. Gonzalez studied with Dr. Kelley and has even taken the therapy further, with very good results. Bettina who is a member of the Gerson Support Group, took her mother to Dr. Gonzalez when the Gerson Therapy only took her mother so far. Her mother has melanoma. Her mother is doing very well. I am a die hard Gerson Person as you know, but I also respect Dr. Gonzalez’s work as does Howard Straus ( Charlotte Gerson’s son ). He and Dr. Gonzalez are friends with much respect for each other. Anyway, you may already know about Dr. Gonzalez and his work, but just in case you don’t I wanted to give you the following link. Especially with him being so close to you. http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/index.htm

    You are both in my prayers!

    Kathleen x


    1. Hi Kathleen, I so appreciate your feedback. We know about Gonzalez and will probably read up on him more. What’s nice is he and I are both in NYC. I so wanted the Gerson Therapy to work and I worked it so diligently. Right now I will need to get my strength back and then will regroup. There’s also a Dr Tullio Simoncini in Italy. You would probably find him interesting too. Problem is I don’t think he speaks English. He uses bicarbonate of soda. He thinks cancer is a fungus and has been curing people. Love, Laura


      1. Kathleen says:

        Hi Laura, yes, I am familiar with Dr. Simoncini, I have his book and I have seen him interviewed on Doug Kauffman’s show KNOW THE CAUSE. Dr. Simoncini does speak English. If you google him you can most likely find him being interviewed by Doug. Doug Kauffman alos believes cancer is a fungus and has written many books on the connection between fungus and cancer as well as almost all diseases. I too believe cancer is a fungus and that is why most alternative cancer therapies work so well. For example, although carrots are very sweet, they don’t feed fungus/cancer because a carrot is a powerful anti fungal vegetable.
        I wish you the best on your healing journey and will be watching and cheering you on! =-)


      2. laura says:

        hi kathleen, i just ordered dr simoncini’s book. expensive but worth it!! can i just say when i first joined the gerson facebook page people wrote about how lovely you are. well i was new and didn’t know. i so agree with everyone that you are so lovely!!


  6. Kathleen says:

    I meant to leave this link too: http://www.dr-gonzalez.com/melanoma.htm
    When you have time, check out his whole site too.


  7. Paul Pilch says:

    Stay STRONG no matter what Laura! Try to take a long, deep breath and for now allow your body to rest for a moment. It is a intelligent, living system with lots of tricks up it’s sleeve and it will do whatever it takes to help you navigate this storm. You are absolutely right. Let your precious body recoup it’s strength and at the right time return with a full force! Continuing with Gerson or not I have no doubt you will find ‘the way’.
    You are a natural leader and that’s a great asset.
    We all can fell your energy. It’s very STRONG and positive. It’s no coincidence you have so many loving and loyal friends Laura.
    This energy will rise, again and again and again, to reclaim your body.
    And you got all this ‘bonus points’ you can always use when it gets really tough. Lucy. All of your fantastic friends. It’s powerful!
    You have my love and strength by your side too.
    Good news will come.


  8. Rebecca says:

    Laura and Lucy,

    There are really no words. Liz and I are holding you prayer and sending every best wish your way. Please let us know what we can do that would be the most help to you.

    Sending lots of love and hugs,


  9. whitneyclapp says:

    You’re in my prayers as well, stay strong!!!


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