Gerson Revisited – part three

How many enemas & juices are enough?

‘In the beginning the most important part of the therapy is an intensive detoxification of the entire body,’ wrote Dr Max Gerson in A Cancer Therapy (p193). To achieve this, Dr Gerson immediately started his cancer patients on the full protocol of 13 juices and 5 enemas each day. His terminal cases often did enemas round the clock, even at night, for the first 10-14 days. During this intensive detox period, he says patients were often too sick to eat, would vomit, sweat a vile odor, moan, walk around the corridors because they were in too much pain to sit or lie down, but he continued fearlessly sometimes getting them to do enemas every 2 hours (p408) until their symptoms abated and his patients emerged pain free and with renewed vigor. Using this approach he cured patients with extensive metastases.

Every former Gerson patient and longterm melanoma survivor that Laura and I interviewed prior to attending the clinic had been on the full 13 juices and 5 enemas a day for the first 4-6 months. So we were surprised when Laura was started at the clinic on just 8 juices and 3 enemas. It took over a week to persuade the doctors to move Laura up to the full protocol, but immediately she showed signs of a detox reaction (stomach discomfort, tiredness, liver pain or not wanting to eat), she was pulled back down to fewer juices and fewer enemas. Over the next couple of months, she was reduced and reduced until she was on just 9 juices and 3 enemas. She was told that this was so as not to poison her body (whereas Gerson states just the opposite, that too few enemas results in liver poisoning).

In desperation, when Laura had a major flare up on 17 November 2013, we decided she should do 7 enemas in one day (see our post ‘Full On Healing Reaction Begins’). Laura had a miraculous improvement that day, but we stopped in the evening from exhaustion and by the next morning Laura was ill again. According to Dr Gerson’s original book we needed to carry on day and night for at least a week to two weeks for Laura to pull through. But without the clinical setting, the aid of a night nurse or the emotional support of the doctors, we simply couldn’t keep it up.

I will always wonder what would have happened if the Mexican Gerson Clinic had taken a more vigorous approach and intensively detoxed Laura during our 3 weeks there, when 24/7 support was available.   There are doubtless risks attached to being more aggressive with the detox, but perhaps terminal patients like Laura might prefer the risk of going all out rather than fail by doing too little.

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