lucie meditating
Lucie Meditating by Laura

Wow! I was bowled over this morning when I switched on my laptop to find the blog got almost 5,000 hits in one day and so many kind messages of love and support from meditators on the Deepak Chopra site. It lifts my wings and makes me feel less alone. It was exactly a year ago I started doing the Deepak Chopra/Oprah 21 Day Meditation Challenge when Laura and I were at the Gerson clinic in Mexico. We got up at 5.30am so Laura could do her first coffee enema of the day. And if all went well (not on castor oil days) I would take 15 minutes to sit on my bed and meditate. Afterwards it seemed as if the whole day flowed more sweetly and easily. I kept up the meditations back in New York and often found words, or clear thoughts, pop into my head at the start of a meditation . When Laura and I were desperately searching for a cure for her depression three words came into my head while I was meditating. Later, when I put these words into Google, they led directly to the Fisher Wallace stimulator that healed Laura’s lifelong depression. At first I thought meditating was clearing a space for my own intuition. But now I think Michael Newton (Journey of Souls) is right, our spirit guides talk to us when our minds are stilled. Perhaps that is what Deepak Chopra meant today when he said: ‘To be inspired means being filled by spirit… It can be experienced as joy or insight, a sudden aha moment or the quiet flow of contentment’. Namaste.

Here’s a link to the latest 21 Day Meditation Challenge

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  1. Dina says:

    Dear Lucie – I am also a mucosal melanoma patient. Laura and I spoke a couple of times and also emailed. When I did not hear back from her I was afraid. I recently found out about her passing and wanted to let you know how devastated I was for you. Laura was very special and always kind and down to earth. I know she was a beautiful person. She is watching over you. She is now your angel. I hope we will meet in heaven as we both battled a very rare form of cancer. My heart goes out to you.



    1. Oh Dina thank you for your kind and loving words. How are you dear Dina. My heart goes out to you living with mucosal melanoma. Have you found anything that works? I pray that one day soon, cancer in all its forms is eradicated. Did Laura find you via the Gerson support group or some other way? Lucie


      1. Dina says:

        Dear Lucie – Laura found me on the Internet as a survivor, and she asked if she could call me. I told her yes, and I remember speaking with you and her at the same time. We stayed in touch via email, and I believe we became friends. I had high hopes of meeting you both, but I believe Laura was too sick. I am 4 years from diagnosis and have had success with BMS drugs. One drug is FDA approved. The other will soon be. I always feel like a Monday morning quarterback. It is always so hard to know what options to choose. I believe in the poem “The Folded Page”. Sometimes we need God to give us the right answers. My heart goes out to you, and I will never forget how kind and beautiful Laura was. I believe she is making a difference in heaven. She is an angel. I miss our emails. I will pray for you. It is never easy being a cancer caretaker.

        Much love,


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