Out of the Wardrobe


This past year I’ve felt like Lucy in The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, falling out of a cosy wardrobe into a whole other world that I never knew was there. My experiences of Laura’s spiritual presence have opened the door to a vast parallel universe of life beyond life. At first I felt embarrassed to talk about it. I reasoned, people would think I’d gone mad with grief or was trying to comfort myself with delusions. But what I am discovering through this blog and by talking to people I meet on my travels is that an incredible number of people have experienced a loved one’s presence after they’ve gone. Probably the reason we don’t share these stories more, is no-one wants to appear bonkers or as someone said to me recently ‘woo woo’. But hey, it took me half a lifetime to come out of the closet as gay, so coming out of the spiritual closet ought to be a breeze – right?

The most frequent stories I’ve been hearing are of animals, birds and especially butterflies who seem to appear after a death and exhibit some of the qualities of the lost loved one, or who simply appear to comfort the bereaved.  Others report a visible apparition of the beloved; often standing at the foot of the bed. Some see their loved ones in dreams to advise and console them.  Many of Laura’s friends have also seen lights flashing or cutting out abruptly when her name is mentioned, others hear music playing without prompting and other electrical oddities.  My personal favorites are the little ‘chats’ I have daily with Laura, She answers questions and sends playful comments.  Not in her own voice, but a voice which I recognize as not my own.  And most delicious of all are the warm sensations of a kiss, a touch, a hug. Yesterday, I found myself walking around the little local park giggling (yes, like an insane person) because I heard Laura teasing me and felt her warmth all around me. And out dancing with Bill last night, I suddenly felt her arms around my waist and her head on my shoulder.  What bliss.

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  1. Dina says:

    Dear Lucie – my daughter was just 4 months old when my dad passed. He was only fifty years old. My daughter started doing strange things. When she was approximately two years old, she started slapping the side of the bath tub during her nightly bath. She always seemed to be having a conversation I was not included in. I went for a session with a spiritual medium, and she started to ask me if my daughter slapped the side of the bath tub. I couldn’t believe it. She then told me my dad was communicating with her. I also had a light in my foyer with 17 bulbs in it. The bulbs were blowing out in a perfect spiral order. She told me this too was the work of my father. She closed by telling us my father had a gift for each of us in his desk in a box. When we went home we checked the area and indeed we found the box with a piece of jewelry each from my dad with our individual birth stones! It was remarkable!

    I am a believer! Laura is too strong willed to stay away. She is with you making her presence known!

    Much love to you,


    1. Oh Dina, I cried when I read your comment this morning. That is so beautiful. I can’t wait to talk to hear your amazing recovery story. What a journey. Lucie


  2. Lucie, it’s wonderful that you have come “out of the wardrobe”. Your capacity to express your experiences and feelings so well and eloquently is a precious gift to the world. You inspire and encourage others, like Dina in the response to this post, to come out of their closets and join you and share with the world, as well.


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