Cosmic Joke?

OK so this is getting a little ridiculous.  A small fly seems to have fallen in love with me.  It has been following me around for a little over a week.  It sits on my pillow at night, settles by my desk during the day and flutters about the kitchen while I cook.  It shows no interest in my food, just lightly brushes my arms or cheek and simply likes being near me.  Its love is unrequited. I’ve been trying to kill it for days –  to no avail.  I suspect there is a cosmic joke in this.  Perhaps something about loving all God’s creatures (not just the furry or beautiful ones).  Or maybe about ways of seeing. If, instead of a fly, it had been a cat or dog, I would be smitten by its playful attentions. But instead I act like a madwoman who has lost all compassion.  I swat at it, cuss it and ignore it –  even though its not actually doing anything wrong.  It may well be Laura teasing me:  ‘Do you still love me, even like this?’  And for no reason I can understand, I am unable to kill it. Normally I have the reflexes of a cat and  can snatch flies out of mid air with my bare hands. But not this one.

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  1. imjustadreamer says:

    I found this post quite hilarious. I was actually reading about flies and why they follow people around so much — mostly to poop on us or attempt to lay their eggs. I was like eeek! Gross.

    But this post made me giggle at flies. 🙂


    1. oh good grief. So I am a fly toilet!


  2. Dina says:

    Hi Lucie – I have never had the fly experience, but for many years after my dad passed, I had a beautiful red cardinal follow me around. I lived in a house with many big windows, and the cardinal would start the day by tapping on my bedroom window to wake me up. Then it would be flying outside the kitchen window when I was getting my morning coffee. Then it would follow me to the living room. I never really told anyone about it because I didn’t think it sounded all that believable. Then one day my grandmother was at my house and noticed exactly what this beautiful bird was up to. I remember her saying with tears in her eyes “oh my! It is my son”. She too was a believer!


  3. Toni says:

    It sounds like Laura. Trust me.


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