Happy Birthday Laura

tootie 2 laura1

Laura would have been 60 today.  She was born October 29, 1954.

Anyone who knew Laura knew she was special.  But Sue Frederick, author of Bridges to Heaven, recently explained how unique she was.  According to Sue, Laura was a rare and beautiful 22.  Probably that means about as much to you as it did to me until Sue explained numerology to me (it depends on a person’s birth date). 22 ‘s are super rare and are the sign of a great soul who comes to earth as a spiritual guide. Someone who radiates great beauty and who has intuition and compassion, and someone who is not afraid of other’s pain. That sounds exactly like Laura.  I am just a plain old 3 according to Sue. We are: ‘Great communicators and lots of fun. Very sparky and we love to play.’ She added:  ‘Laura must have loved meeting you.  You brought out her playful side’ – and she brought out mine.

Laura was fairly fluid about her age. She fibbed in her online profile making herself a couple of years younger (to appeal to a wider range of potential mates). And then one time when we went to the movies she said “Let’s get senior tickets” (for the over 60s). I was mortified. I was just 50 at the time. But Laura said. ‘Oh don’t worry. The kids at the box office can’t tell the difference. To them we both look ancient.’ And she was right. No-one batted an eyelid.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marilyn says:

    Happy Celestial Birthday” Laura—-
    M. Oxo


  2. Jamie says:

    These photos show Laura in her playful ways. I am so glad the two of you brought out one another’s adventurous and playful sides.


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