Twin Flame


One of the most beautiful things that came out of my leap up into the spirit realm (doing the life between lives regression) was discovering that Laura and I are ‘twin flames’, two souls created at the same time from the same energy, which may explain our intense connection and our delight in each other’s energy. Although the concept sounds beautiful, I found it a little hard to get my head around at first.  By chance the next day, I was watching a British documentary on quantum physics in which Professor Jim Al-Khalili (OBE) explained the theory of entanglement. I was so stunned by what I heard, I had to lie down. It sounded identical to the twin flame theory. ‘Entanglement is this special incredibly close relationship between a pair of quantum particles whose fates are intertwined. For example, if they were created in the same event.  Quantum mechanics says because they are created together they’re entangled and now and forever many of their properties are linked wherever they are. It is as if the two are secretly communicating, communicating instantaneously across space and time, even if say one was on earth and the other was on Pluto.’

Anyone who has read the Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato’s book the Symposium has already heard a version of the twin flame story. In the book it tells how humans were originally joined as pairs (two people sharing the one soul) until Zeus split us in half as punishment. Everafter we’ve been on a quest for our other half, looking and longing for our soul mate. When we finally meet with our missing half, Plato says, there is an unspoken understanding and a feeling of unity and great joy.

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  1. says:

    This is so beautiful. In the film HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, there is a very beautiful song and visual about this. It is called ‘The Origin of Love.” Have you seen that film? One of my very favourites!


    1. Grale Irithe says:

      I saw it live years ago. I love, Love it! I know you weren’t asking me but I saw your comment and I had to chime in 😀

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