It’s curtains for you, my friend!


A tale of two friends both recently widowed. Their lives splintered. Nothing now fits together as it did before. But a tale of two extremes. One lost her faith along with her partner. She reasoned: ‘How could there be a loving God who cruelly severs people from their soul mates?’ The other’s grief didn’t slam the door on belief, instead it opened it wide to a magical spiritual realm where her partner continues to exist, guiding her and comforting her.  Her world is now many times larger than it was before.  The two friends have to agree to disagree about how the universe works.  But one year on, the woman who lost her faith is getting little nudges and prods. Curious incidents are piling up.  Her husband’s radio repeatedly switches itself on without prompting – sometimes in the middle of the night. She has started to wonder if he is trying to contact her. His signs are getting bigger and louder.  One evening, a mutual friend, who has been comforting her, got a little overly friendly. Just as she was starting to feel uneasy about his attentions, the living room curtains came crashing down. The comic timing and symbolism were perfect. It was curtains for this unwanted romance.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. tonimulraney says:

    beautiful and funny!


  2. Lrdna says:

    Love it 🙂  


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