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Laura Schair
Laura Schair (1954-2014)

Two friends recently expressed surprise when I mentioned that Laura posted quite a bit in the early days of this blog. So I’ve created a special link to all of ‘Laura’s Posts’ (you reach it by clicking the menu icon – looks like a bunch of layers – on the top right hand side of the page).  If you knew her, you will recognize her raw honesty, humor and directness.

I suggest you scroll back to read from the beginning. One of my favorite posts is ‘Lucky’ when she realizes how loved she is, to have so many people helping. And of course ‘Warrior Woman’ where she teases me about coming from a line of fierce Scots.  The earlier posts are more upbeat and the later ones bleaker as the chance of a cure slips away. Four weeks before she died, she lost the ability to read and write and had to stop blogging.  When she was admitted to hospital over Christmas 2013, she told me: ‘I’m relieved. I don’t have to fight any more.’

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  1. mary lou says:

    What a comfort to access these past thoughts from someone that you loved so much.. Almost like hearing her voice.


  2. lolamillebolle says:

    dear lucie – why not come ‘home’ to the UK – stopping over in ireland – i’ll be here through august and would love to have you – you wouldn’t need to do the usual ‘charming guest routine’ as i’ll be running around putting the garden to bed – you can sit in any number of spots and just breathe. or roll around on the grass and wait for butterflies and ladybirds to alight in your hand – or pitch in: garden therapy. as you wish. much love, jenny


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