Wedding Present

apple seed heart

December 15th  is my wedding anniversary.  This weekend I was thinking about the strange beauty of that day, two years ago. And also – if I am honest –  I’ve been missing the two little paper hearts that Laura and I exchanged instead of rings (they used to hang on a thread over the kitchen chalk board). I attached them to Laura’s ashes before sending them out to sea.  During my reverie, I cut open an apple and found two seeds had grown together into a perfect heart (that’s them in the photo).  Surely a gift from Laura.

When I came home from the Dominican Republic, I wondered if Laura’s spiritual presence would somehow evaporate now that her ashes were out to sea.  But immediately I found two little pennies just outside my apartment (one of Laura’s favorite signs).  Lights have been flashing all around me all week. And now this little wedding present.  Life couldn’t be more sweet.

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  1. Becky says:

    There are no accidents. ❤


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