Talking To Spirit

talking to spirit

Today I heard Esther Hicks (or rather the spiritual entities that  Esther channels) explaining how to talk to departed loved ones, and revel in their unconditional love.  Esther lost her husband Jerry a few years ago.  But he is still a very playful presence in her life.  I was so delighted when I heard this because it makes me feel less weird experiencing Laura’s ongoing presence. She just flickered the lights in the living room!

When you tune into the frequency of who you really are, you allow all of us [in the non physical realm] to play with you, and especially the ones who you’ve known.

Esther says to Jerry, ‘you are so subtle now’.  The conversations are subtle.  There is no loud voice in the room.  It is a still small voice in her mind.  It is something she translates when she is in the vibrational frequency of it.

Vibrational things are of the greatest ease to non physical.  We are all energy, so flickering of lights and sending of messages [via music, phone messages or Skype messages] anything that you experience as vibrational is easy communication.  Esther has got lights that blink around her.  She kinda likes that.

Most people don’t understand it.  ‘What are you so happy about?’ they ask.  ‘My husband died,’ you say.  ‘Did he beat you? Was it an awful experience?’ they ask. And you say, ‘No, it was a glorious experience.  I loved every  minute of it.’  ‘Then why are you so happy,’ they ask.  And you reply:’ Because it is still going on, only now it is better because he always loves me all the time.  It is unconditional love he is pouring at me all the time.’



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  1. This is so fascinating! I had a peak into Esther Hicks’ youtube posts.
    I would like to try to ‘connect’ with some spirits from the other side.
    A few of my distant relatives have passed a while ago, and also some casual friends and acquaintances. None of my close family or friends, though. I was wondering, if such a spiritual connection with someone on the other side also works with individuals to whom we haven’t been close in our earthly life……..or is it necessary to have a special and close pre-mortal bond with the departed in order to connect with their spirits.


    1. Lucie Young says:

      One thing that helped me a lot is Sue Frederick’s reconnection ritual (I saw her at the Open center in NY, but I believe it is in her book Bridges to Heaven). Since then I have helped a few friends connect to their departed loved ones. Each person and each connection is different. But the conversations are sometimes astonishing in their beauty and love. The process is quite simple. It involves lighting a candle and finding a religious or spiritual icon that means something to you, meditating for about 10-15 mins to quiet your mind. Then you begin a repeated prayer or chant (sue likes Om namah shivaya). Then the process completes with talking out loud about fond memories of the person. I do think voicing our love for them opens our heart to receive them. Then invite them into the room to help you and start asking out loud a prepared list of questions and hear inside your head what comes back. it will sound like your thoughts, but just write everything down. When you read it back afterwards you might be surprised…


  2. Oh wow. Thank you, Lucie.


    1. Lucie Young says:

      and you can try what I do mostly, which is just talk to laura in my head. I ask a question and sometimes I hear nothing and other times I hear back a stream of thought – it is in my thought voice, but it comes so fast and it is often very funny and not really like what I would I know it isn’t me


  3. While I was reading how you have learned with Sue Frederick to connect with the departed’s spirit through those rituals, I remembered an elderly German lady who lived in the same apartment building I lived in the 90s in Munich. Her name was Edith, she was Catholic. She was very spiritual and had told me one day that she communicated with her deceased brother; through rituals so similar to those you described them; lighting a candle, her spiritual icon was a photograph of her brother. Her brother had been a teacher in his earthly life and wrote poems; he also knew English quite well. When Edith told me that her brother dictated her poems from heaven and sometimes even in the English language, I did not believe her. She was a simple woman who did not have any higher education and had never learned a word of English. One day she invited me in her apartment to witness her rituals. It took long, over an hour. She seemed like in a different sphere, joyful, light-hearted and somehow a different personality emanated from her during her ritual than what I knew her as an every day life neighbour. Honestly, it scared me a bit. Then she sat down and to my total surprise wrote a poem, only a sophisticated person could have written. And she even wrote a few lines in English, with spelling mistakes, but it made sense what she wrote. She herself did not understand the English words she was writing down and asked me to translate them for her. It was unbelievable. After I moved away, I lost contact with her and had forgotten about her over the years. But your post reminded me of her again. I just assume that she has passed on to the other side by now; she would be in her late 90s now. The other day, I tried to connect with her from the other side. If anybody of the people I ever knew reacted with some sort of message, I thought, it would be her. But no response. To be honest, I was a little disappointed.


    1. Lucie Young says:

      What an amazing experience. Hicks talks about how we can channel creativity from our connection to source (either via the departed or via our own higher self). Please don’t be hard on yourself for not hearing or feeling any connection to this lady. i can’t ‘summon’ laura at will. she is around like a beautiful butterfly and sometimes we chatter. and sometimes there is only silence. it is easier doing the reconnection ritual with someone else present the first time. I think it helps create the ‘atmosphere’. I know that sounds very ‘mystic meg’ but there is something about the focused attention and the talking out loud to someone else that helps. maybe one day we can try it together. wishing you many blessings for Xmas and the new year. Lucie


      1. In fact, Edith did invite me to connect together with someone in my own family, my deceased grandmother. But at the time, I did not go for it. I was too scared. I only observed Edith from a safe distance, my comfort zone. But yes, perhaps we can try it together one day in the future. Wishing you a merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year, too. -Angelika


        1. Lucie Young says:

          we come to this when we are ready. I couldn’t imagine doing any of this 2 years ago…I just found in my diary from the 90s, describing death as a black hole!


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