The Energy Blanket

energy blanket

The first night after chemo was pretty rough going for my sis. Thankfully she is doing much much better now, but I do wonder how much of her journey has been influenced by all the loving energy from friends, family (and total strangers!) surrounding her. Even if prayer and intentionally channelled love and kindness can’t prevent suffering, I think they can help ease our passage during our darkest hours.

A dear friend of mine in Brazil, a woman with the highest energy vibration you can have on this earth (numerologically a 33, the Christ/Buddha energy) woke up at 5am UK time that very first night after Andrea’s chemo and felt the need to pray for her. She visualized surrounding her body in prayers and good energy. It was around this time in the morning that Andrea’s discomfort eased and she finally drifted off into deep sleep.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but also may be not.

Many scientists and spiritual practitioners understand that as energy beings we are able to send love and healing intentions anywhere from a few feet to many thousands of miles away.  Jeanne Denney, a scientist and hospice worker, has noted that the most powerful effect on a coma patient’s erratic heart rate comes from someone sitting beside them engaged in silent prayer. The patient’s heart synchs and calms down in accordance with the person in the room. At the University of Edinburgh in the UK, researchers have studied how people who were paired off and asked to send energy to each other (whether they knew the other person or not) displayed synchrony in brain waves.  A similar study at Case Western Reserve University in the US called’ The Love Study’ concluded that ‘when you send an intention (even remotely) every major physiological system in your body is mirrored in the body of the receiver.’

One of my favorite stories about how we effect others (not just people, but also plants and animals) is in the book ‘The Intention Experiment’ by Lynne Mactaggart. Cleve Backstar, who worked for the CIA and was a lie detector expert, was wondering one day if he could get a rise out of the plants in his office with his equipment.  So after hooking up the plants to his polygraph machine, he began pondering what he could do to elicit a response.  He thought about burning their leaves with a match.  And just with that one thought the plants went into an extreme stress response. The result seemed like an aberration, but over the next 18 months he conducted many similar experiments and found that the plants seemed to be telepathically responding to the people in the room (they were especially excited when the plant waterer visited!).

I can’t thank you all enough for the love, prayers and good energy you have been sending my sis.  She has several more months of chemo, so please keep her (and her family) in your hearts …



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  1. Luciane says:

    Dear Lucie, I loved your beautiful words. I truly believe we are all connected, we just don’t see it, we don’t have to as we are so much able to feel it. It comes from the heart, and when it comes, it’s about trust and being open to give and open to receive. It’s about love and loving. Your dear sis and famyli are in my heart. Much love to them and to you.


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