Charlotte Gerson

charlotte gerson
Laura, Charlotte Gerson & Lucie

Charlotte Gerson came to the clinic yesterday. What an extraordinary woman.  She is 91 years old and full of energy and strong opinions. She calls the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) the ‘Fraud and Death Association’, is vehemently against fluoride in drinking water.  ‘It is poison.  It says so on the label.’ she says in her strong German accent.

She drives 38 miles round trip to fetch her organic fruits and veggies every week (she lives near San Diego). She does 8 juices a day, but says you can do 26 if you fancy.  ‘The important thing is to do one enema for every 3 juices. It doesn’t matter how far apart you space them. Timing is not important.The only dangerous thing is if you don’t do the enemas.’

She doesn’t have a doctor. Doesn’t need one, she says.  Last year she broke a bone in her pelvis and it healed quickly on its own.  Today she can bend over and touch her toes, as she demonstrated during her talk.  Amazing!

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  1. Jamie says:

    I am glad you had the opportunity to meet this woman! You all look sun kissed. Wishing you an amazing weekend!


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