Castor Oil Enema

The castor oil enema is something every Gerson patient dreads.  It tastes vile and it is the mother of all detoxes.  It strips all 32 feet of your intestine removing parasites, worms, fat deposits, toxins, food residues, dead and malignant tissue and defunct blood cells, according to Dr Ramos. You have to drink a couple of tablespoons of the oil chased by a cup of coffee and some brown sugar at 5.30 am and then do a full enema with castor oil, a pinch of ox bile, coffee and water at 10.30 am.

Laura was reeling about all day from the side effects.  It packed a punch.  She had stomach cramps, the runs and felt weak and light headed.  By midday the bathroom looked like a war zone.

The bad news is Laura has to do one every other day.  The good news is it is supposed to get easier…

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  1. Jamie says:

    It sounds like your metal is getting tested. Today I will send you strength and endurance and smiles of encouragement. xoxo


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