Health Update

Good news! Laura’s Lactic Dehydrogenase (LDH) level just dropped significantly for the second time.  It is now 206. Normal range is below 176. Cancer patients tend to have elevated levels.  When Laura arrived at the clinic, her LDH was up at 271. Dr Cervantes says this latest blood work shows her body is detoxifying very well.

Laura’s schedule has just been tweaked because she has been having a lot of heart burn, stomach discomfort and nausea (her stomach is probably suffering from an overflow of bile from her detoxifying liver). Dr Cervantes has pulled her back to 10 juices and 4 enemas a day.  He has also taken her off the acid forming supplement Acidol, switched her breakfast grapefruit juice to apple juice, told her to avoid apple cider vinegar, garlic and raw onions (potential stomach irritants) and to eat mostly cooked vegetables.   Her potassium supplements have also been dramatically reduced from 30 teaspoons a day to just 6, (2  teaspoons in each of her breakfast, lunch and dinner juices).  This is to prevent hyperkalemia (potassium overload) which can cause nausea, weakness, diarrhea, colicky pain and worse.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Yea! The hard work and routine is working. I hope you are both feeling good. Keep going!


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