Brain Waves


Here’s Laura doing her impersonation of Olivia Newton John (it’s all about the headband). OK so she could be a sleeping sushi chef…She is  actually trying out a new device called the Fisher Wallace Stimulator to cure her depression, anxiety and insomnia.  It worked for that other 70s icon Carly Simon, who uses it for her depression and mania.

The stimulator conducts a tiny electrical charge via wet pads to the brain (‘I hope I don’t electrocute myself’ she says).  It boosts dopamine and serotonin and lowers cortisol.  It also helps cure pain, PTSD, ADHD and drug addiction. Its not Electro-Shock Therapy. You aren’t zapped and you don’t feel a thing. ‘Have I got the pads in the right place,’ Laura just asked.  We hope so.

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