Past Lives

Laura & Sydney
Lucie & Saskia

On Friday I did a past life regression. I was curious if I would meet Laura again in a previous life. Beforehand my mind was full of Hollywood scenarios – what if we were Navajo Indians roaming the South West (as I die from a poisoned arrow, Laura comforts me in her arms); or concubines (and illicit lovers) in the house of a powerful Chinese man; or were we Trans-Siberian dog sledders (well, we both loved dogs, sledding and arctic weight winter coats)?  But before I got to see if my guesses were close, I had to journey backwards through my current life. En route I visited my tiny baby self in the womb. Suddenly I started wriggling all over the place and pulling faces, to the amusement of hypnotherapist Sophia Kramer. I felt very tightly compressed, as if I was trapped in an airless plastic bag. When I later shared this experience with my mum, she said ‘Oh you were always such a lively little thing. You were probably just impatient to be born.’

Next I visited my most recent past life. Sometimes you arrive in a life at the point of death. I saw myself lying in a field, watching people going back and forth in the distance. It was a sunny day and I thought everything was fine. Then I noticed a big part of my left shoulder was missing and a chunk of my neck too.   I guessed I was a man from the bulge in my trousers. And judging by the steel helmets and uniforms of the soldiers walking towards me, I was somewhere in Europe during World War 2. Sadly there was no Florence Nightingale at my side.  No Laura.

Further back, in a different life, there she was. Laura was a boy and I was a girl.  We played together by the riverside, we laughed, were ridiculously happy and had a baby together. But the baby was murdered. One tragedy followed another and the story ended with my death in harrowing circumstances. Oddly I didn’t feel scared or weirded out. I didn’t even pass judgement on the train of awful events. As I walked home after the session two tears rolled down my cheeks, but I didn’t feel sad. I felt calm and much lighter as if a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The next day sorting through some pictures, I found Laura’s favorite photo of herself and mine of myself (that is before we met).  Here they are above. Isn’t it an odd coincidence that we both chose a picture of ourselves cuddling a little child.

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  1. Toni says:

    wow! not surprising at all. Thank you for sharing this Lucie


  2. toni mulraney says:

    gorgeous photos Toni Mulraney Education Specialist Creative School Services


  3. Jamie says:


    You and Laura are soul mates through and through. And yet again–you embrace the surprising, the mystical, and remind us once again….”Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries.” Truman Capote

    Remember this too: “There is no remedy for love, but to love more.” Henry David Thoreau


    1. Thanks Jamie. Have been pondering love of late. Have you ever seen a good definition of the essence of love..


  4. I can remember you with one of your sister’s daughters when she was tiny. Perhaps that was Saskia? Interesting regression story, sounds a bit like Orlando in my mind.


    1. Hi Steve, Had forgotten all about Orlando, but you are right that is a kind of past lives love story. Lx


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